Exhibition Spaces

Virtual Galleries

At the Landesgalerie, we take pride in our virtual galleries, intended to offer art lovers and artists alike an exciting and immersive experience. Our galleries are found on the Voxels and Otherside (coming 2024) platforms and offer an interactive experience that goes far beyond the traditional gallery experience. With a broad range of analogue and digital art, ranging from AI-generated works to NFT-based artworks, our galleries offer a diverse and varied mix. Whether it’s emerging or established artists – we aim to provide people with a platform where they can freely express their creativity and at the same time reach a broad audience.

With the combination of technology and design, we strive to make our virtual galleries as accessible as possible. They should not only be a place to view art, but also provide space for discussion, learning, and inspiration. Through interactive features, visitors can explore artists’ works in a three-dimensional environment and interact with each other.



Our mission at the Landesgalerie goes beyond exhibiting artworks. We also aim to be a platform to support and promote artists by providing resources, tools, and further education opportunities. We offer insights and backgrounds on new technologies and share views on future developments. Through workshops, events, and training, we promote an environment of constant learning and personal development.

Our commitment to promoting artists ranges from renowned names to emerging talents. Our goal is to enable every artist, regardless of their previous experience, to realize their artistic vision. In this sense, we offer not only access to our technical resources but also a community of like-minded individuals who provide support, inspiration, and critical feedback.

Analog and digital

Art Exhibitions

At the Landesgalerie, we regularly present new and exciting exhibitions reflecting the latest trends and technical developments. Our carefully curated exhibitions give you the opportunity to get to know the works of talented artists from all over the world and to continually discover something new. While our focus lies on digital events and the technologies of the Metaverse, we also organize traditional or analogue events.

In addition to our main exhibitions, we also regularly host thematic and seasonal events. These events offer you the opportunity to discover exclusive artworks and limited editions. Information about the respective events can be found on our website or our social media channels on an ongoing basis.

Diverse Community


We believe in the power of community. Our Discord channel provides a platform for artists, collectors, and art lovers to exchange ideas, network, and learn from each other. Here you can participate in discussions, hear about the latest updates, gain insights into upcoming exhibitions or directly interact with some artists.

Everyone is welcome with us, regardless of experience or knowledge. Whether you are an established artist, an enthusiastic collector, or just curious about the world of art, our community offers you the opportunity to meet like-minded people, discover new perspectives, and be part of an inspiring movement.

Join our Discord and be part of this exciting journey.